14 November 2010

Moneybird, Fly!

If you a little cynical (or rather more) about how the economic decline over the last few years seems to have least affected those who created it, then you will enjoy this immensely.

The song is entitled Moneybird, Fly! and it is a pastiche of Don McLean’s American Pie.  The lyrics are quite telling – and reflect the fact that a number of people are more than a little upset about having the economic rug pulled from under their feet.

This infographic style animation is done with panache and a rather dark sense of humor not to mention chagrin so it will not please everyone but hey.  You can’t please all of the people all of the time.

It made me smile at least.  The animation was created by Furryfish who are a creative studio founded in 2004.  Their remit, by their own admission is to engage fresh perspectives while delivering dynamic content in this era of visual communication.

Well, they get my vote.  As it were.