5 November 2010

Life Drawing

One dark stormy night a boy finishes a drawing and sticks it on his noticeboard.  Yet strange things are afoot and soon enough the creature on the drawing begins to stir.  An amusing short animation from Daniel Rojas of the Vancouver Film School, this shows all the hallmarks of that institution - high quality and great storyboarding.  It is quite exceptional for the work of an undergraduate and shows great promise - perhaps we will see Mr Rojas' name on much larger screens in the not too distant future.

I must say that the work of students of the Vancouver Film School are among those I go back to again and again - pretty much for the reasons stated above.  I hasten to add that I am not affiliated to the School in any way, shape or form - in fact I am a continent and an ocean away - lest it looks like I am giving them an unashamed plug here.  However, having said that, if I was to go back in to eduction (and some argue that is long overdue and needed if not necessary) then, were I Canadian and a nascent animator I would head for their door with something approaching alacrity (or as fast as I could in other words).

Anyway, VFS, thanks for consistently entertaining me (and many others!).