3 November 2010

To The Pain

The Princess Bride, from 1987, is one of my favorite films, balancing as it does romance, comedy and adventure.  The movie uses a very cool framing device of a grandfather recounting the story to his ill grandson (Fred Savage, wonder what he is up to these days?) with the child complaining about the story at various points -  They're kissing again.

The script is a gem, with many of the interactions between the characters being repeated by fans all over the world in a way which is only to be beaten by the likes of The Monty Python films. 

Imagine my pleasure when I came across this marvellous kinetic type animation by Emily Kiel which covers one of the may memorable scenes from the film.

Here we find Humperdinck and Westley confronting each other - again.  This is not going to be to the death, but to the pain - which sounds a lot more protracted and grisly.  Very cool!