13 November 2010

A Life on Facebook

If you are already a Facebook user (if not a fan) then you will totally get this (he said, sounding like a Valley Girl circa 2002). This shows, in a few minutes, the rest of the life of a Facebook member from the first day he joins to (possibly) his death as a very old man.  In this time a lot happens, including - well, you had better find out by watching the video.  All of it is done using the user interface of the social media network through status updates, pictures, likes and so on...

This is a very clever piece of animation by maxluere and conceptually it is very simple. How much work it must have actually taken, however, is something that I have been scratching my head about and the answer is a long time. It is only a few minutes long but the real life activities see our erstwhile hero, Alex Droner go through many different trials and tribulations - often it has to be said self inflicted - before he (seemingly) settles down.

This is one of the better (if not the best) animations I have seen on the subject of Facebook.  It is very cleverly done without being judgemental about the social networking site or its users but leaves you to make your own mind up whether our everyman figure is a complete rotter or a guy just trying to get on (and laid) in this world.  Very, very cool.