5 November 2010

Timescapes: Rapture

Tom Lowe is one talented guy.  The Astronomy Photographer of the Year has been shooting his debut film ocer the summer which is to be calles Timescapes. The video above contains some moments from the film and it looks absolutely astounding. 

Envisaged as a modern portrait of the American Southwest it was shot using Canon and Red MX cameras.  If the above is anything to go by we are in for an amazing treat when the film is released.

The skill and patience it must have taken to create these shots (particularly the time lapse) is immense.  Lowe has a unique vision and very much the artist's eye.  He takes the every day - and potentially mundane -and injects magic in to it.  He has the ability to re-awaken and re-ignite our love affair for this world and a mans imagination to actually capture it.

Epic. Breathtaking. Awe inspiring. Astonishing. Incredible. Beautiful.