22 November 2010


You probably know about the Digital Divide but you may never have seen the issue put across this animatedly before.  This short animated film shows what may happen in the world of continual updates of both hardware and software and works extremely well as an extended visual metaphor for those left behind.

It simultaneously addresses the issue of eWaste (and waste in general).  The continuous desire to upgrade (without sounding too much like a Cyberman) can lead to problems for those at both ends of the spectrum.

Or, you could simply see it as a robot vs robot story, extremely well animated and put together with a few knowing chuckles thrown in for good measure.  Either way it works well, though I imagine younger audiences may be somewhat nonplused by it all (but then, to paraphrase Frank N Furter, they didn't make it for you!).

Talking of creators. The producer and lead animator was Yannick Gillain with modelling and 3D effects being created by Felix Telfer.  The music was by Keir Husson and the Matte painting, texturing and lead compositing work was done by Shinji Dawson.  They are (or perhaps were) all students and the animated short was produced at Massey University Wellington, New Zealand.

I have to say (even though I have said it before) that the standard of undergraduate animation work these days is simply quite stunning.  With these guys going in to the industry we can only hope that their creativity is given further time to flourish and develop.  They certainly deserve it - one can only hope they do not end up doing desultory animation work for breakfast cereal but get the chance to take their promise and flair to the next level.