27 November 2010

Doctor Who - My Pile of Good Things

When might a TV show become a life saver? In the case of Jenny when things in life conspired against her and she was experiencing a life which, in her own words was less than fun.

Some friends suggested that she watched Doctor Who - that it might cheer her up.  For Jenny, the show was a revelation.  It reallly helped her through a bad patch in her life.

Perhaps it is best to allow Jenny to explain:

I've often thought why DW did this for me. Most people in my position would turn to family, friends or professional help, and I did all that. But there was one little thing missing: I needed something to actually be happy and excited about, instead of just coping with all the negative going on around me. I sometimes felt a little strange that a science-fiction TV show was what did it for me. However, Eleven's words in "Vincent and the Doctor" about adding to someone's pile of good things - paired with Amy's line in "The Beast Below" about someone so old and so kind not standing by and watching children cry - answered that question. I've never felt more grateful for a TV show in my life.
Her words really resonated with me.  Being lucky enough to have had the Doctor with me for all of my 45 years he has consistently cheered me up, given me wonderful memories and, not to be too over the top, been an excellent role model (well, apart from when he commits genocide and stuff, perhaps).

The video that Jenny has made, in homage to the Doctor that helped to make her feel good again, is full of some of the best bits of the show over the last five years.  It really does, when looking at the wonderful adventures of the Doctor and his companion, take some beating in terms of happy medicine.

Watch the video and read her words at the end.  I have to admit, they provoked a certain moistness around the eyes for me.

A really heartfelt thanks to Jenny for her openness and willingness to share.  I am sure that everyone who reads this - and is a fan of the show - will known exactly how she feels.