23 November 2010

Arria – Day Time Diva becomes Late Night Lovely

Cumbernauld’s newest and possibly most famous resident, Arria, has had a problem.  She has only been visible during the day - and that just wouldn't do.  Now, thanks to lighting placed inside the lady herself, she will be gloriously visible in the night time too.

The 10 meter high sculpture by renowned international artist Andy Scott was put in place this August to enhance the image of the Scottish New Town.  Yet, although available to perform her task twenty four hours a day she was hampered by one thing: the night.  And this lady demands a constant audience.  However, all that changes today.

Now, a lighting rig has been placed inside the sculpture, set to a cycle which repeats every 48 minutes.   As the show progresses, Arria can be seen in a variety of different colours.  The light seeping through her metallic structure reflects against her various segments matching her daytime resplendance with a nightime ethereality .  The textures of the design are now highlighted in the evening in a way which cannot be done in daylight hours.

This special task was undertaken by the Lightfolio company.  Based in Midlothian, the firm has previously lit up a number of Scott’s sculptures and were the obvious choice because of both their relationship with the sculptor and their own Scottish locality.

For Arria, who even has a Facebook page (see above). this means even more attention from the international press, not to mention the local community which has quickly taken the sculpture to its heart. The anticipation has been building on the page, which you can get to by clicking the picture of it above.

We think she can cope – this sixties style diva, arms outstretched and beckoning an audience looks like she can handle the attention.  Having been over a year in the making, Arria, who stands taller than a double decker bus with another double decker on top of it is part of the Cumbernauld Positive Image Project.  It is the brainchild of Campsies Centre Cumbernauld Ltd (CCCL) – which facilitates the redevelopment of the municipality.

You must admit, in her new nocturnal attire, Arria is something quite gorgeous and it sets her off against the windswept Scottish countryside beautifully.  With her distinctly retro look and diva attitude she both beckons, welcomes and (in true iconic sixties style) receives adoration from her audience while equally clasping it to her.  As such she is a great metaphor for Cumbernauld’s attitude to visitors who come to the New Town for pleasure and business alike.

Certainly the town’s reputation as an innovative area in which businesses can settle and thrive is only enhanced by the late night loveliness of Arria.

All pictures reprofuced by kind permission.
To say that we are fans of Arria here at Kuriositas would be putting it mildly (seen left in the daylight).  Over the last year we have posted four other articles about this wonderful sculpture.  If you want to get a fuller picture of her story, please visit them.