14 November 2010

Thuristar - A Name to Remember

Back in August we featured a film by the small but perfectly formed animation studio Thuristar.  It was called Fair Trading and it was about the work that small coffee producers do and which is often usurped by larger organisations. It was wonderfully and humorously done - and it was the first time I had come across the team.

Thuristar is a three way partnership made up of Joeri Christiaen who is the Author, Director and also the founder of the studio.  He works with Perrine Gauthier who is the Creative Producer of the team and also does the marketing.  Last but not least there is Frederik the Composer, Musician and Music Producer, a vital role in any animation process.

The gentlemen have, this month, launched a new website (which you can get to by clicking any of the pictures in this link) in antication of their third and most ambitious project to date - a tale of a legendary knight.

Well, as it happens perhaps not so legendary - and not terribly brave either for that matter.

This ten minute quest for fame and fortune all takes place within the animated short film 850 Meters which refers to how far the knight might go in order to reach his ultimate goals.

Expect dragons, a damsel in distress and and invincible sword.

You may be thinking to yourself knights, damsels, swords, dragons, been there done that.  Rest assured that the guys at Thuristar will have a few twists and turns up their sleeves that you weren't expecting.

If this all sounds fantastic then we are sorry to disappoint you with no trailer here....  however, one will be available shortly and as soon as it is, Kuriositas will (by the power of Vimeo no doubt!) front page it immediately.

If you can't wait for the new film then here is one of the episodes of Plankton Invasion created and directed by Joeri Christiaen.  It tells the simple tale of three specimens of plankton.  Two are soldiers and the third is a scientist and together their operation - Global Warming is to help to make their species supreme on planet Earth.  In order to do this, though - we must be drowned!

Don't worry too much about murder and mayhem ensuing - this is a very sound environmental message masquerading a  bit of fun for the kids (old and young alike).

OK, roll 'em boys!