14 November 2010


We like to bring you thought provoking animations at Kuriositas, especially those which provoke thought as well as entertain.  This is no exception.  Set in Bosnia many thousands of years ago it tells the story of a prehistoric man thawed from the deep sleep of the last Ice Age.

As anyone would, this everyman figure goes about reconstructing his society including his belief in a system of sun based worship.  Then, as civilisations do, he comes across another and the two set about to reconcile their differences in a spirit of tolerance.

Well, you can guess that doesn't happen.  This fantastic animated short film by Ivan Ramadan has received a number of awards since its release in 2008.  It has picked up seven, including a nomination for the Best European Short film by the European Film Academy 2008.  Tolerantia (tolerance, we believe, in English) is a great piece of animation, thoughful and measured and wonderfully and crisply rendered.

Ivan Ramadan is 25 and lives in Sarajevo, studying Architecture (something of a surprise considering this movie, one might have thought animation).  He has been creating animation since he was a child and Tolerantia was his first full movie.  Great work, Mr Ramadan.  He is currently working on an animated series - Diamond Forest Drummers.