13 November 2010

The Tarantino Mixtape

Do you like the movies of Quentin Tarantino?  If the answer is yes then this should be a treat.  You will catch some of the best parts of a number of his films in this video, from Reservoir Dogs to Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown to Kill Bill.  There are others in the mix too and one of the best things about this audiovisual mixtape is that you get to guess which film is which.

Another aspect I liked is that much of the action you see here is categorised - in other words it is themed in to various sections.  So, for example you get a series of car boot openings, gun attacks and so forth.  Of course, if you are at work you may want to email the link home - anyone who knows the average Tarantino film will understand that!

Sony Vegas was used to edit everything that you see hear, both sound and vision.  A brilliant job by Eclectic Method.  They are a trio of video remix artists who rearrange the sights and sounds of music videos, motion pictures, and video games to the thrill of live audiences around the globe.

A truly international live act, Eclectic Method have played over 350 gigs in over 100 Cities in 34 Countries on 6 continents.