14 August 2010

Yeasayer - Bizarre Pet Video for Madder Red

Brooklyn based experimental rockers Yeasayer have released a bizarre new music video, which stars actress Kristen Bell (you will know her from Veronica Mars and Forgetting Sarah Marshall). The video is for the track Madder Red from the band's most recent album, Odd Blood.  And boy, is it odd.

You have probably experienced somethjing akin to his yourself.  Any of you have had pets will know the pain and anguish you experience when the poor little thing gets ill - or (heaven forbid) they die.  This tracks just such a day for the character, a jobbing actress played by Bell (and we loved the Spielberg lookeylike at the casting session).

However, the pet isn't a common or garden dog or cat.  It is something much more bizarre - the kind of pet you might expect David Lynch to have had when he was a boy and looks something like ET might after being in a microwave for about ten minutes.

So, if you like your pop a little pyschedelic - enjoy.  If not, to quote Crimewatch - don't have nightmares! Oh and if you don't mind making a comment, would you like a pet like this?