17 August 2010

Sorry Apple, But iTV is Unavailable

Seems that the big boys at Apple are rumored to be considering, once again, branding their set-top TV box as iTV.  It would make sense to Mr Jobs et al that with all the burgeoning myriad of iWhatevers on the market that the name is rightfully theirs. iDoubtit.

There has been an ITV in existence (both upper and lower case versions available - see left) in the UK since 1955.  ITV was set up in the way back when as a direct commercial challenge to the BBC. For those of you outside the UK who are not aware, the BBC does not run commercials, but the public pays for a TV license each year for that privelege - amounting to £145.50 at the moment (that's 226.95 of your US dollars), but that's a mild rant for another day.

So, ITV (UK style) are, to put it mildly, rather miffed that Apple seem to be considering this move again - and plan to take them to the cleaners court rooms of the UK should they attempt this - or so it is rumored. Look at it this way - how many ads have you seen since 2007 like the one on the left?  As a brand ITV (upper or lower case) is embedded in the British consciousness. 

After all, you only need ask anyone in the street in the UK what the major opposition channel is to the BBC and they will automatically respond ITV.

We suppose Apple could consider launching the iTV throughout the rest of the world and then keep the name Apple TV for UK audiences (who we are sure would love another service provider in the UK in the light of the recent Virgin/Sky bitch fest). However, ITV have quite a few registered trademarks under those three letters, so they may not be happy with that either. iDunno.

They have plenty of evidence on their side. To begin with, Independent Television (ITV) was launched on the 22nd of September 1955. Here are the first transmitted pictures, prior to live broadcast, which were shown to give indication as to what viewers could expect from the channel.

It does get boring after a while, but the first few seconds could give Apple a few ideas about how to market iTV Apple TV in the future, should they need any tips. iSuppose.

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itv office building FLickr USer roxallison
iTV prototype advert Flickr User Yandle
ITV van Flickr user tiredoflondon