29 August 2010

Teddy's Gonna Get It

When you are a private detective, some of the things you can see are enough to make your hair curl. So it is the case with this litlle boy, charged to find the callous murderer of his little sister's teddy bear. The hunt for the killer will be fraught with danger but when you are a seasoned professional like this guy, you know he is going to win out in the end...

What I particularly like about this animation - apart from the skill with which it has been put together - is the way it very sharply catches the intensity of play that young children demonstrate where they utterly believe the scenario they create for themselves.  The film noir pastiche very cleverly allows us old ones to enter the world of the boy's imagination.

Altogether, this is a very cool piece of animation, created by Wayne Lee as his thesis film in his fourth year at Sheridan College. The College, in Ontario, Canada, was founded over 40 years ago and has graduated over 100,000 alumni who have made an impact in the arts, business, technology and community service fields, both in Canada and internationally.