29 August 2010

Star Trek: The Improvised Puppet Song

You have probably seen TV panel shows where stand up comedians stand up and improvise a song - and it's all completely unrehearsed and the audience clap and cheer and the comedian looks really smug and pleased with himself. You have probably, at this point, raised an eyebrow like a certain Vulcan gentleman of our acquaintance and wondered (non emotionally of course) about the vagaries of human behavior.

Well, sometimes it is unrehearsed - this looks to be very much the real deal. More proof (if we needed it) that quite often the best entertainment is to be found on the streets - whether or not it is always the intention is another issue altogether.

This is a street puppet show where the (brave? foolhardy?) puppeteer invites people to give him a subject and then the puppet will perform a song around that theme.  The focus for the song given on this particular street in Ontario, Canada was Star Trek.  If you are a fan, you will appreciate this! It may even give you a chuckle if you are not.

The puppeteer, however must be a diehard fan already - mentioning such things as dilithium crystals and the Borg in his ditty. I can only hope that he was given a small fortune for these few minutes of Star Trek muppet madness.

Many thanks to Flickr User Gruntzooki for uploading this vid!