17 August 2010

Fair Trading? Animated Short Film

It is difficult to get the message of the importance of Fair Trade across without getting po-faced about it and, in the process, putting a lot of people off.

Fortunately, independent production company Thuristar have created this minute long animation which deals with this serious subject through the angle of comedy.

The film shows the trials and tribulations of a small producer of coffee, from planting, cultivation and cropping all the way through to delivery.  It highlights in a quite peculiarly funny way what faces the small producer when they are in opposition to large, uncaring global businesses.  All deadly serious stuff - but this will make you laugh.

This short animation was the winner of the BeFair competition in 2009 andd has been shown at a number of international festivals since then in Italy, Germany, France and Korea among others.  Thuristar was created in 2008 and is the brainchild of Joeri Christiaen, a Belgium based animator, author and director.