30 August 2010


1. the principal or dominant course, tendency, or trend: the mainstream of American culture.
1. belonging to or characteristic of a principal, dominant, or widely accepted group, movement, style, etc.: mainstream Republicans; a mainstream artist.
2. to send into the mainstream; cause to join the main force, group, etc.: to mainstream young people into the labor force.
1. to join or be placed in the mainstream.

Great animation from student who is a Visual artist and a DJ.   He is now in the4th year in Bezalel Animation Academy in Israel and this is his final film for his 3rd year.

As an extended visual metaphor this is a powerful piece of work and one which, I have to admit, took me a little while to grasp (though I had firmly realised what it was all about by the end - phew).  For some reason the name Aldous Hucley keeps coming to mind, but perhaps I read Brave New World once too often when I was younger.

"Carol Anne - don't go into the dark..."