14 August 2010

Cadbury Fish Advert - Spots V Stripes

Although it is still almost two years away, things are beginning to gear up for the 2012 London Summer Olympics.  Cadburys, who over the last few years have gained a reputation for innovative and extremely funny advertising (altogether quite unconventional for a confectioners) have joined in the fun with this new viral ad which sees two teams of denizens of the deep compete against each other for some sort of aquatic vegetable!  It is (as you would expect) extremely well done and hugely entertaining.

You can also choose which side you want to support and join in various competitions yourself at the official website. Unlike many advertising campaigns that are country specific, this site allows you to play wherever you are.

The game may well turn out to be the longest one ever to be held online.  There will be a variety of different sports and games to choose from and you will be pitted against someone from the opposite team. If you win you will gain a point for your team (the spots are winning at the moment!).  Pretty good fun, generally, but we really just love the video, now showing on British TV.