18 August 2010


All life has disappeared and the turtle Gravel is on a lonely journey to discover why this has happened and perhaps reach a safe place where there is water and things to eat.

His journey is a difficult one, made more so by his sense of loneliness but then one day he comes across another survivor....

Despite its apocalyptic premise this is a very warm hearted film that says something about different people coming together in times of adversity to help each other out.  Without that assistance then neither could or would make his goal.  Magic and science can, it seems co-exist together.

This charming animated short is by a group of German students who put this together in the short space of five months, which is something of an achievement.  It was uploaded by one of its creators Christian Stadach but also credits Simon Prager, Martin Koehler and Chris Hempel.  Gentlemen, we at Kuriositas think that you have very bright futures ahead of you!