17 August 2010

The History of the Submarine

The history of the submarine goes back longer than many would imagine - to the 1600s in fact when a Dutchman successfully tested a prototype for the Royal Navy of England. The Ancient Digger (a very cool website about archaology and history) has a fascinating look at the history of the submarine, from the early days up to the U-Boats used so successfully by the Germans in World War 2. The article itself has a number of cool links if you want to look further in to the history of the specific periods included here.

In fact, it was the Germans and their U-Boats which really made the whole concept of the submarine as a weapon of war.  Other countries were blissfully dismissive of their use in warfare until the Germans deployed their fleet during the FIRST World War and showed that the submarine could influence how a war ended.

The article is full of interesting facts about the history of this amazing invention.

Read the full article here.

This is a link to the second part, what happened to the U-Boats after World War Two.