Arria - Installation Timelapse of the Cumbernauld Metal Mermaid

30 August 2010

Arria is the new sculpture by internationally renowned artist Andy Scott which was recently installed on the A80 near Cumbernauld in Scotland.  This time lapse video, shot over twelve hours, shows the gradual installation of what many are calling The Metal Mermaid but who goes formally by the name of Arria.  It looks as if the Scottish weather did its best that day, but the sun does eventually appear - which is the best weather in which to see this amazing ten meter high four armed diva, welcoming people to the locality.

Made of galvanized steel, this should ensure that Arria glints in the sun for many years to come.  It is certainly a more attractive sight than Anthony Gormley's latest, Exposure, over in Holland.  Love her or loathe her, at least she isn't performing a bodily function!

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