20 August 2010

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

...And the prize for the cutest thing on the internet is... Marcel The Shell With Shoes On.  This animated short by Dean Fleischer-Camp is a wonderful look in the life and times of a little shell called, well, Marcel.  Although the animation is simple and straightforward, that is all part of the charm.

As for Marcel himself, this self conscious little guy (like a sea food Woody Allen in a way) is wonderfully voiced by a lady by the name of Jenny Slate, who Fleischer-Camp admits here is a genius.  As the voice you hear here (I say!) is untreated and unehanced, we find ourselves agreeing.

The animation is written by the pair with Fleischer-Camp at the directing reigns.  This is what he says at his own website: " I am a director and an editor. And I literally got a college degree in making movies! You believe that? A COLLEGE DEGREE. College for movies? Hah! Can you beat it? I don't think so-- movies are the best. They can't be beat".

Again, we can't help but agree. Thanks, to both of them for brightening up the day.