5 August 2010

Digital Orca by Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland, most famous for his novel Generation X has created this amazing Digital Orca sculpture, now in place in Vancouver Harbor.  The structure breaks down a three dimensional Orca whale in to cubic pixels.

This is intended to make something creative and new out of a familiar symbol of the West Coast of Canada. 

Natural imagery is thus modified by technology.  This bridges the past to the future and so, hopefully, speaks to the people who help create Vancouver’s thriving harbour culture.  At the same time the giant sculpture is intended to address the changes that are shaping the economy of British Columbia.

A digitised sculpture is something quite new, especially one of a killer whale.  It almost regales the harbour with its presence and its metal structure is lit up beautifully at night.  Altogether, Copeland’s new work is a compelling and visually stunning addition to Vancouver’s already charismatic harbour.

The kids love it too, as well as art lovers.  At least, that is, if their unambiguous joy at jumping around the base of the sculpture is anything to go by.