17 August 2010

The Damage Done by Rainfall Films

The Damage Done by Rainfall Films is a shortf film in the western genre.

Now, before you flick through this, give me a second to explain as I know it isn't necessarily something you would expect on Kuriosiatas (you know, it doesn't have space ships in it) but this ten minute movie is excellent. That sounds like damning it with faint praise, lack of my accustomed excalamation marks and so on, but this is a film notable for its sense of calm despite the violence (safe for work) that it contains.

It tells the story of a gun for hire who wants to settle down.  In order to do that successfully he must follow the orders of the local sheriff and track down a bank robber who has taken the bank manager's daughter hostage.  So far so straightforward but the young gun (marvellously and enigmatically played by Gregory Lee Kenyon, above, perhaps a Clint Eastwood for the twenty first century?) has a secret and one which he wants to protect.

Gregory Lee Kenyon already has quite a following in the fantasy film fan community, due to his leading role in the movie Ancanar.  He has also appeared in the Zombie short Texas Fortune and The Ore, a science fiction film.  So you see, there is a Kuriositas conenction after all.  No space ships on his resume yet, but nobody's perfect.

Character driven and beautifully shot, The Damage Done premiered at the 2010 DVX WESTFEST, where it won 1st Place. If you haven't heard of Rainfall Films, then where have you been?  Based in Los Angeles, the production company focuses on high concepts and low budgets.  Currently they are working on several feature films and produce TV, film and new media content to boot.