21 August 2010

Lovely Day

This is a pleasure.  A city pigeon is on the look out for his breakfast - and he doesn't really care who he has to step on to get it!  Add to this the Lovely Day track by Bill Withers and you get a lovely animated short film that was created by a group of students at Humber College in Toronto, Canada.

I just love the strutting this little guy does, very reminiscent of John Travolta in the opening of Saturday Night Fever (I wonder if that was the inspiration!).

It was directed by Michelle Ryan and written by Tory Miles.  The animation was provided by Warren Sloper, Kori Moreton and Jordan de Boer.  If this is anything to go by, the the future is bright for these Canadian students but the Vimeo page of Michelle Ryan is a little sparse in detail and there is no other information available than this (over to you Ms Ryan!).

Humber College itself has a great reputation for community based education and currently serves over twenty thousand full time stories.  Its most recent claim to fame was when three of its students, Gino Cunti (a slightly unfortunate last name perhaps), Paul Je, Patrick Neelin and Kevin Luong succeeded in becoming the first college-level students in the world to build and use the equipment required to make contact with an astronaut up there. They made contact with Sandra Magnus aboard the ISS on 2 February 2009, from a lab room at the College's Rexdale campus

As a not too, the code we now use on Kuriositas supports iPad, iPhone, Flash and beyond - so send this animation to your friend's phones by all means - it will work!