15 August 2010

Dead Girl's Corpse on Google Maps

It might have caused those Google Maps users with a sensitive nature more than a few palpitations coming across this sight. Visitors looking for directions in the suburbs of the English town of Worcester (more like curtain twitching electronic styly) have been coming across the above image of, apparently, a child's dead body lying in the streets.

Concerned (maybe panicked) users called the police to investigate.  After all, this is a green and pleasant land and you don't usually expect dead bodies in the street (well, not before the watershed anyway).  All was well in the end, however.  A few enquiries by the boys in blue determined that the little girl had been playing with a friend, had slipped and then decided to play dead to give her chum a mild coronory.  She ended up giving one to the neighbors instead.

You may say that the UK is a land of curtain twitchers and it seems truer than ever now we have moved fully in to the digital age.  E-curtains - now there's an idea.

Source - Daily Mail