Telephone Boxes Invade London

16 June 2012

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The UK has just had the Queen’s Jubilee which was a great success (albeit a rather soggy one) and the celebrations continue. The London Olympics are just around the corner and to anticipate that and simply to keep the flag flying (as it were) British Telecom have launched an art project the aim of which is to revitalize that most British of icons, the telephone box. And, of course, to raise an awful lot of money for charity!

Known as the ArtBox Project, replicas of the famous Gilbert Scott box have been placed all over London.  There is something of a throng of them (we’re not sure what the collective noun is for telephone boxes!) at the moment at Trafalgar Square in the heart of the city’s West End.

After the Olympics these telephone boxes will then be auctioned off for charity. The organisation which will benefit is ChildLine, a service for young people which helps them get help and advice about a wide range of issues.  The charity is celebrating its own silver jubilee (twenty five years) this year and is a very worthy recipient of the monies which will be raised.

You certainly don't see this sort of thing often. Here we have Big Ben in the shadow of, well, Big Ben!

So here is a selection of the ArtBox boxes. We’ll be bringing you more as we seem them! If you would like to see all of them or register your interest in participating in the auction for one of them, click here.

First Image Credit Flickr User CTRL-F5

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