The Art of Stanley Von Medvey

4 June 2012

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I recently came across Stanley Von Medvey’s art on Reddit and felt compelled to feature his work (with his kind permission) on Kuriositas. In as much as this site is a marriage of art and science so is Von Medvey’s art – as is the artist himself. He has, in the past, worked with NASA, flying two experiments on board the shuttles Endeavor and Atlantis and studied Astrophysics at the University of Chicago.

If that isn’t enough, Von Medvey is able to produce works of the imagination such as the ones you see featured on Kuriositas. Polymath is hardly the word here. Sheldon Cooper would no doubt want to spit in his face if he were capable of the act of expectoration.

As well as working as a conceptual artist in the gaming industry, Von Medvey has recently entered the world of film making. He has directed L5, the story of a space mission returning to Earth (written by Tom Ptasinski) only to find everyone gone, which received over a million and a half downloads on its release on Vodo, where you can still download it. Watch the pilot episode below - it's awesome.

There are a number of ways you can explore the worlds of Stanley Von Medvey. You can visit his official website, his blog or his visual production studio, Hemoglobin.

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