28 January 2011

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If you want to be something other – or more – than what you are, then sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

This is a very cool animated short film by Mike Dacko. As such it is his first independent film. General advances in 3D allowed him to fully realize a concept he had come up with a long time before the technology existed to make it real.

He managed to create all of the visuals on a Dell laptop. Wow!

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If you're struggling to learn the scales or you're looking for a simple and logical way to understand chords and harmony this book will have all your answers.

Inside you have the complete fingering charts for all major and minor scales - I don't just give you the C major scale and let you figure out all the other more complicated scales.

Also, I give you the complete collection of chords found in each and every major and minor key. This book will spare you from spending a frustrating amount of time figuring stuff on your own.

No teacher ever gives you a complete collection of chords - they always start explaining how things work in C major and the rest is left to you. This book will really make your life a lot easier.

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