23 January 2011

Desert Bizarre

This is a landscaping and nursery business in Cave Creek, Arizona. Flickr user Cobalt 123 was driving by on the highway and spotted an amazing nursery devoted to desert landscaping and saw this rather bizarre sight.

He has no idea why the trees and cactus are bonneted, but the effect I am sure you will agree is quite surreal.My own second best guess is that they are to protect the cacti and other plants from the atmosphere, which I find a little unlikely if they already grow there.  The better guess is that they are there to protect the tops of the animals from the pecking beaks of local birds, particularly if they are bearing fruit.

Most likely neither is correct, but if you know the answer, please let us know!

Postscript:  Although I am more inclined to believe the first commenter below, Kuriositas Axton Nichols - (ltsalts on Tumblr) has given us food for thought.

No, surely not.  Please, tell me it's not true.