15 January 2011

3 Minutes

There is a little something for almost everyone in 3 Minutes, the latest short film by Ross Ching.  A young man is ordered by a mysterious older man to pursue another and fight to the death.  The victor must come out on top in under three minutes, otherwise there will be consequences.

If you find the young Asian lead familiar but can’t quite place him, he is none other than Harry Shum, Jr.  You may recognise him from his recurring roles as Cable on Step Up 2: The Streets and Step Up 3D.  More likely, though, you may have seen him in a weekly uber camp fest designed for teenagers but which has had crossover in to other demographics.  Shum is currently part of the musical-comedy television show, Glee as Mike Chang.

You will perhaps also recognise Katrina Law from Spartacus: Blood and Sand in a very small cameo at the end of the movie.  So, a fight to the death, actor(s) from Glee and Katrina Law.  Oh – did I mention lightsabers?  Like I said, a little something for everyone!