2 January 2011

天黑黑 - Tee Oh Oh

I thought this was rather sweet - and very catchy!  An animated version of 天黑黑 by Stephanie Tang.  Although to my ears the Tee Oh Oh of the title pales to the fantastic Wah Ha Ha in the chorus, it seems to tell an age old story that we can all recognise.  A man returns to his wife with the meal for that evening and is somewhat rebuked by her - it seems that it is rather too salty for her tastes.

The song is from Taiwan and the title means Dark, Dark Sky - so I may have gotten its content completely wrong, going as I have from the content of the animation.  Yet to all intents and purposes it does look like Grandpa and Grandma fighting about what to cook for their supper!  If anyone who speaks Taiwanese can illuminate, please let us know!

Very catchy, though!