10 January 2011

Prague Astrological Clock Tower - Video Mapping 600 Years of History

This is one of the most, if not the most, visually stunning examples of video mapping that I have seen.  It was created by The Macula to celebrate the recent 600th anniversary of the building of the astrological tower clock in the Old Town Square in the heart of Prague in the Czech Republic.

The mapping tracks the history of the astrological tower clock.  It is not important whether you know anything about Czech history – just sit back and take in the visual treat that you are about to experience. 

I think my own favorite part of this is when the clock appears to swing backwards when the bell strikes – I think I actually swung forwards in unison.

All of this magic was done with two Christie projectors (2x18000 lumens in HD). No additional lights were used in its composition.

But what is video projection mapping?  Put simply it is an exhilarating innovative projection system with the ability to turn nearly any exterior plane into a vibrant video show.

Specialized software is used to distort and disguise the projected representation to make it fit flawlessly on unevenly shaped screens – such as astrological clock towers.

When done correctly, the final effect is a dynamic projection installation that transcends your run of the mill video projection.   I think you will agree that this is somewhat transcendental!