13 January 2011

Michael Jackson's Face Appears on Toilet Floor of South East London Pub

We have Kuriositas reader Tony OD to thank for this exclusive picture - proof perhaps that Michael Jackson is, indeed, living beyond the grave.  Tony was minding his own business in the gents' toilets of a South East London hostelry (name given when advertising rates are agreed) when something he spotted rendered him agog even as nature took its inevitable course.

Naturally, this being Century 21 (and all that) he took a picture.  As you can see, from the ultra high tech mapping system we employ at moments like this (Powerpoint), there is no doubt that Tony saw the ethereal presence of  Michaal Jackson on the floor.  We are honored to host this relic of Michael Jackson, at the very place the deceased superstar was always most comfortable - the (dance)floor.  It is, somehow, a touchingly appropriate homage from the Lewisham area of London.

Candlelight vigils are planned. Ticket prices to be announced.

The original, appears below.  Yes, the gold medal for craning the neck while relieving oneself remains in London for the forseeable.