Forever Young

28 January 2011

This is lovely.  An old woman reminisces about her youth, the love, the music, the energy – and is transported back to her heyday by the magic of memory.   There is little plot here – it is more of an animation of insight than of story – but the back plot is rich and it is easy to imagine a whole lifetime in just a few minutes.

This is a student film, made by Solveigh Jäger at the Media University of Stuttgart – so as such you have to forgive the rough edges as this was made on a miniscule budget.  Yet it is obvious that a great deal of care – no, love – has gone in to this project.  Thanks, Solveigh, for suggesting that we feature this – you should be exceptionally proud of your work!

This charming animated short will make you feel all warm and fuzzy, so if you are feeling a little low, give it a go!

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