22 January 2011

One Rat Short

This is another beautifully made animated short by Charlex – who should really think about working on something full length if you ask me, as their talents as creative designers are wonderfully put to work in the field of advertising but when they do their own thing as it were, the results are incredible.

Written and directed by Alex Weir, One Rat Short tells the story of a rat who inadvertently stumbles in to a biomedical research lab inhabited by a rather nasty computer with arms and hundreds of other rats, used in behavioural experiments.  Of course, there is one lady rat that particularly catches his eye.

Now hold on a second before you move on – this is no Ratatouille (although I loved that for different reasons).  The rats while anthropomorphised are closer to the real thing – they don’t talk for starters – than we have seen in a lot of other animated works. 

I hope you will find One Rat Short as entertaining and as visually stunning as I did – this really does give other animators the high water mark by which to measure their own endeavours. There is also an ending that will bring a tear to your eye – don’t say you weren’t warned.  Thanks to Charlex for another animated treat.