15 January 2011

Alternative Royal Wedding Commemorative Plates

A royal wedding is on the way in the UK and most people have become erstwhile royalists, particularly given that in a fit of almost medieval largesse the demolition coalition government has declared an extra day’s holiday for the unwashed masses.

However, one problem does remain.  The paraphernalia associated with royal weddings – the official ones at least – are usually of staid design to say the least.  What events like this should really reflect is the popular mood of the above mentioned grubby serfs.  So, how delightful to find a design company which has done just that.

The KK Outlet has created a range of commemorative royal wedding plates (two shown above, more at the website) to celebrate the union of William Wales and Kate Middleton.  Tongue firmly in cheek, this set of plates really does reproduce how many feel at the prospect of another generation of blue blooded reptile creatures stalking the earth royalty in the UK.