9 January 2011

The Hulk Hands Theory

This is a must for fans of the TV comedy The Big Bang Theory.  It is a scene from an episode – but not quite as you have ever watched it before. Thanks to artist nunub it has been recreated, combining mixed rotoscope and fantasy drawing.  The result is something quite different and (perhaps, just perhaps) allows us greater insight in to the characters of Sheldon and Rajesh.

In the scene Rajesh tries to persuade Sheldon to go on a second date with two girls they had recently met.  Sheldon gives him a big negative reply until Rajesh offers him a bribe.  The bribe is his Incredible Hulk Hands, signed by Stan Lee.  Obvioulsy, Sheldon cannot resist this geek treasure and just has to try them on, quickly agreeing to a second date to retain possession of the Hulk Hands.

This was an anime experiment by creator nunub, and used the old-repetitive-fashioned way (paper, graphite and watercolor) of animation. What that means is that this must have taken an age and a half to complete but the result is something of a joy to watch.  Although the motion as itself isn't as fluid as it could be the method makes it an original and interesting piece of animation.  There are 12 handmade drawings per second, meaning that for this two minute animation over 2500 original drawings were used.

If you would like to see how it compares with the original scene, the two are placed side by side together in the little extra below.