16 January 2011

Bave Circus - Slobber Circus

A little boy is bored – it is raining and the Circus has been cancelled for the day. He retreats to his tree house where his host of pet snails are more than willing to put on a show for him.

Not only is this a display of extreme technical talent by animators Philippe Desfretier, Nicolas Dufresne, Sylvain Kauffmann and Martin Laugero, but they have captured the essence of childhood and that dynamic 'spark' of imagination that is so often stripped from us on the our way to adulthood.

Expect water-drop-juggling, pencil-trapezes and more.

Taken as a whole, the magical plot of the boy being wholly engrossed in the fantasy together with how it is conveyed through the variety of camera angles, close focus, and choice of accentuating particular details, is exceptional.