23 January 2011

Babies From The Future

One day you are preparing your baby’s bottle and then he turns round and tells you to listen very carefully because he needs to make a phone call. What would you do? That question is posed in this trailer for the latest sci-fi thriller, Babies From The Future.

Well, OK, it may not be a thriller: it may well have its tongue well and truly in its cheek. Maybe. Yet you could easily imagine Hollywood coming up with this sort of idea – a kind of Look Who’s Talking with guns and rockets or Red Dawn with diapers. Yes, in a glorious nod to that era of Hollywood movies, there is even a Red Army baby thrown in for good measure.

With the byline Is Your Baby From The Future? this concept could easily take hundreds of millions at the box office.  Cameron must be kicking himself that he spent all that money on developing software to portray seven foot blue aliens when the ultimately marketable movie was staring him in the face, milk bottle and all. Who needs avatars when you have babatars?

This is bliss to watch, so a big thanks goes to its writer and director T C C Taylor – whoever the Academy Award for Trailer for Film Yet to be Made goes to this year, he was robbed. The baby’s speech is flawless – it really looks quite peculiar – and the FX are pretty awesome too (particularly at the climax). Hats off also to the adult actors, Josef Ber and Beth Champion, for doing all of this with a completely straight face.

Now, I really, really want to see what happens next. Babyocalyspe? You can find TCC Taylor's site here and the official movie site here.