8 November 2011


XXIT is the latest short movie by high tech production company Stargate Studios. Set in the not too distant future the movie stars Nicollette Sheridan (of Desperate Housewives fame where she played local slapper cougar Edie Britt) in the dual role of a bio clone in trouble and her DNA donor (in present day San Francisco).

There are definite shades of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner in the scenes set in the future but it does seem a little lighter and less polluted than the one in which Decker lived.  The visuals are simply stunning.

As a showpiece for the company this short works in spades. Stargate Studios provides a turnkey solution to high concept film and television production and is the only independent entity which blends all the available production technologies into one fully integrated, high tech production and editorial service. I guess this short movie could be shown to anyone wondering what they can do and are capable of doing and gives them an answer in the affirmative.