5 November 2011

The Chameleon’s True Colors

If you have a child under the age of eight go and extract them from their Xbox because they will love this! Likewise, if you don't have kids, open yourself up to a little regression. As ever I will make no excuses for including an animation aimed at children on Kuriositas because there is absolutely no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish every now and again!

Yet, having said that, this animation works on two levels and contains some good advice which, one way or another, most parents find important to pass on to their children: to your own self be true. It's also something about which some adults could be reminded from time to time. OK, it is wrapped up in the kind of gorgeous colors that kids adore and the song, by Carolyn Downie, is simple and to the point. Yet therein lies the beauty of this animated short by Neels Britz. I also like the way that some of the important words appear in both English and Afrikaans (I am assuming that one or both of the creative team are from South Africa).