28 November 2011

To The Moon

If Dr Seuss had started a rock band, this would probably be it. The Mighty bUZZniks make clever and edgy music for kids who like to rock. Their songs are full of vigor, fun and intricacy mixing an array of instruments, assorted sounds and great harmonies that present a rich world of music to children. This is their track To The Moon – which is very, very catchy.  You will probably find yourself singing it to yourself all day, as I have!

Their new album, Bug Out was recently released. It is a collection of 14 songs, some favorites from their live set and some brand new never before heard tracks. The album travels through many popular styles of music with references that many mums and dads are sure to know.... and of course the songs are packed with the energy and fun lyrics that make the bUZZniks 'The thinking kids musos' for families that love to rock!

The video was directed and animated by Kate Cawley.