19 November 2011

Jefta - Art in Multiform Media

Jefta Hoekendijk is a young artist who lives and works in Mons in Belgium. We recently came across his work (drawn to his Frozen project, above) and were compelled to share this exciting art with you.  Active in the digital art arena, Jefta has been a photo and videographic artist for four years. His work is based essentially on humanity and the human condition. He attempts to reveal what being human is through our various body parts, it movement, repetition and deconstruction. Here are some of our favorite pieces of his work - yet a visit to his website will reveal so much more.

Jefta is not one of those solitary artists however. As a child of the internet he has embraced new technology and the social media which goes with it.  He spends a lot of time online, talking with fans and other artists, sharing ideas and constructive criticism. My own preferment is towards his Peintof project, which mixes digital photography and oils.

He does not restrict himself to digital art, however.  He experiments with painting and drawing – his objective is to create art for the moment in the medium which will best express it. An eclectic approach is what you could call his signature.     He uses the human body (and is particularly fond of the female form!) as a medium for painting, reworking its shape and texture with paint, mixing the high-resolution digital photography to the gesture and texture of the paint.

Peintof was a photography project Jefta has combined digital techniques with traditional painting techniques.    How does the body applying a second skin? How to paint blends to the body? This unorthodox mix can have an unsettling effect on the viewer. Is it a painting? Is this a picture? Where is the body? His deconstruction of images generates a rhythm from confusion, organization from chaos.

He has also worked with bodylighting to extremely interesting effect, yet this is just a cross-section of Jefta’s extraordinary art. To acquaint yourself fully with his incredibly eclectic work, please visit Jefta’s website.