26 November 2011

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Wilde's Classic Animated in 8 Minutes

The only novel written by Oscar Wilde, his 1890 work The Picture of Dorian Gray is regarded as a classic work of gothic literature. Its strong Faustian themed storyline tells of a young and beautiful upper class man. Basil Hallward, a painter, creates a portrait of the good looking aristocrat. Dorian sees it unveiled and whimsically announces that he would sell his soul so the portrait could grow old rather than he. The wish, as you might expect, is fulfilled.

This is an 8 Minute adaptation of Picture of Dorian Gray.  It represents Thomas Beg’s 15 week Major Project at UCA Rochester as part of his CG Arts and Animation degree. It is exceptionally well done, retaining the gothic eeriness of the original as well as ably pulling the story in to eight minutes. Perhaps it is best if you have read the book or seen one of the movies before, but if you are studying the novel this could very easily beat Cole’s Notes when it comes to helping you remember the sequence of events!

Yet if you are a Wilde fan (are they called Wilde-oholics, Wildeans or even wildebeasts?) you will adore this, as I did. The use of black and white seems more than appropriate and the use of shadow is superb.  Although I can only guess I suspect Oscar would have approved.

Please note – I have resized the animation so it can fit in to a window here – the original was somewhat larger but I thought most people would be unable to view it properly that way. If you click full screen you will get the full effect!