11 November 2011

Celebrity Robot Audition

So, you are considering getting a robot to handle the luggage at your hotel. You get two of your best Human Resources officers to conduct the interview and to be honest, they don’t go so well.  What would you expect from a host of robots from the last fifty years of science fiction all queuing up for the privilege of working for you?

This is a very clever piece of advertising from Yotel. Their hotel in New York now has a robot to do what the bellboy used to do. It automatically places the suitcases in lockers for guests who want to ramble round New York.  The video was put together by Looseworld, a creative agency that specializes in new media like music videos, short films, and branded content.

I am still wondering who I would have employed, had this not been the case. Probably R2D2. I always had a soft spot for the little fellah.