19 November 2011

Wikipedia Promo Video

The redoubtable Jimmy Wales and the dozen or so employees of Wikipedia have never – and maintain they will never – place adverts on Wikipedia. It could be argued, also, that the last thing they need is a promo video for the world’s largest online encyclopedia. You only have to do a google search for anything and find Wikipedia either almost or at the top of your search engine results. Yet that is exactly what Doug Chang and his team at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena have created here, and we think they have done a pretty good job too!

It features an inquisitive voyager, venturing across an otherworldly plain accumulating on her way a miscellany of radiant essences (that might or might not be Wikipedia pages!). What she finds goes on to yield a harvest of wonder and curiosity in her search for self.  She goes on an expedition to distribute her shimmering stars with humankind, creating a legacy for the combined knowledge of the planet.

This is certainly a great idea (not to mention pitch) for an advert for Wikipedia.  As it is a student film the budget was probably quite small but that does manifest itself here – this is a classy attempt to pitch Wikipedia at its target audience – everyone.