19 November 2011

The 99% Vs The 1% - An Animated Explanation

You may well have been scratching your head recently about the 99% and the 1% - figures that keep being bandied about to describe the gap between the rich and the poor. It can take some explaining, too, even if you know what you are talking about. Probably some of the key words of the Occupy Wall Street movement, not to mention the other Occupy sites that have sprung up around the world, a simple and straightforward explanation would be nice!

Step forward the interactive team at the British newspaper The Guardian. Simon Rogers collated the date and the graphics were built in Illustrator and animated in After Effects. The team behind this explanatory video comprises of Mariana Santos, Jonathan Richards, Michael Robinson and Mark McCormick. Thank you, that’s much clearer now! With statistics like this it is a wonder that there hasn't been more of a revolution than the mostly peaceful protests we have seen so far. You can certainly see why the Occupy protests started, that's for sure.