26 November 2011

Moving Day

You could say that it would be a dream come true if a little girl, on moving house, discovered that the garden of her new home contained beautiful living fairies. You could say that, but what if aforementioned fairies spit at you and give you the finger? Drastic action must be taken, especially when they try and ruin your day. This is one school girl who has more than a little of the St Trinians in her!

This is quite a hilarious piece which upturns the usual mythos around the pretty little winged thingies – the Cottingley Fairies this bunch most certainly are not! More like a set of Tinkerbells on various illegal substances. This beautifully shot short, Moving Day, was created by Jason Wingrove, an internationally awarded freelance director of drama, documentary and short films as well as comedy and performance commercials.

We dedicate this to any dads out there who have little girls who prefer dressing up as fairies to playing soccer. It may not change anything but you can imagine - and hope...