11 June 2011


Strange isn’t it, that the zeitgeist can be captured in the most unexpected of places? The UK is a not the place it once was and continues to change at a pace which bewilders many. Yet a pair of comfortable chairs has managed to capture the perplexing and constant changes that modern life involves.

Or rather, a young animator by the name of Bexie Bush has managed to do it. What is more remarkable is that this is her university work – and surely shows that this talented young creative has a bright future ahead of her. Bush created this at Farnham University of Creative Arts and it was first shown at the institution’s degree show where, unsurprisingly, it won best animation.

So, join Eric and Lyn, a pair of well worn armchairs (voiced by real elders of the community) as they discuss, debate and pontificate about what makes the UK in 2011 a place that some hardly recognise at all.